Quality Management

Filter Press Quality Management

PANAMA ENGINEERING is a Leader in manufacturing of Filter press . PANAMA ENGINEERING has the capacity to

Filter Press Manufacturer

with plate dimensions up to 2000 x 2000 mm. With our 50 years of experience we are sure that we can take up any challenge for solid or liquid separation.

PANAMA ENGINEERING is a company which adheres to strict quality policy matters. We train our personnel with a clear intention that in any case we have to achieve the set and defined quality to satisfy the customer’s demands. Our Technical qualified staff carries the best attitude to deliver the quality and we undergo a continuous improvement process to enhance the creativity of the employee to achieve a desired position in the customer’s mind forever.

PANAMA ENGINEERING Filter Press are designed with quality components with test certificates to ensure trouble free operation with reliable quality for years together. Some of the Unique Features are :

  • Robust Steel Framework Structure.
  • Framework is specially treated with chemicals for rust free – long life.
  • Pneumatic systems, Drivers and Motors are of standard make.
  • Control Systems are user friendly.
  • Industrial Paint for extended warranty of Filter Presses.

Research & Development

PANAMA ENGINEERING has an experienced team of qualified Technicians and Engineers to do continuous research for a better product development. We have gained insight of the needs of the customers and have developed technically sound Filter Press.

Filter Press Production

PANAMA ENGINEERING understands a simple principle – Cost is forgotten but the Quality is remembered forever. We only use certified and tested raw materials for the betterment and long lasting life of the Filter Press. Once you buy our product and enjoy hassle free production for years together. We actually understand the need of the customer and then manufacture the Filter Press as per the need of the customer.

Order Management

PANAMA ENGINEERING understands that each customer is valuable. Each of our customer’s order is managed with great care and the manufacturing is done in our factory with the state of the art equipments which deliver long life and best services. We run a trial run in the presence of the customer before the delivery so any discrepancy does not arise during the operation at the customer’s place.


PANAMA ENGINEERING adheres to the schedule stated on receiving the confirmation of the order. The sales staff commits the delivery of the Filter Press after the Production Department confirms the procurement of the finest Raw material.