Membrane Filter Plate Manufacturer

Membrane Filter Plate

 Membrane Filter Plate are available of two types – One is Fixed type and other Replaceable type.

For using a it the drainage surface is inflated. The chamber below has a drainage through which Air or water is used to generate pressure and is pumped inside the squeeze cavity to inflate the face of the plate against the filter cake. They are used to shorten the filtration cycle time or the moisture content. Both the types of membrane plates can be used. Even mixed pack membranes are available in common configuration.


Membrane Filter Plates

 operate to a feed pressure of up to 7 bar and the squeezed pressure can be up to 15 bar. PANAMA ENGINEERING can manufacture special plates for special needs for high feed pressures or low squeeze pressures. PANAMA ENGINEERING manufactures membrane plates with thermoplastic or 100% polypropylene. Membrane Filter Plate manufactured by us are molded through face membrane and core plate individually. Then these separate plates are joined in to the core by heat welding and formed as a homogenous plate. These types of plates are the most suitable for food applications as there is no joint it prevents contamination.

Replaceable membranes use polypropylene core which is machined with the seal of rubber membrane and the face can be easily changed from EPDM to Thermoplastic or other compounds for specific conditions.

 Membrane Filter Plate Manufacturer

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