Filter Press

Filter Press

PANAMA ENGINEERING COMPANY manufactures also Filter Press for small scale manufacturers. It has a Ratchet closing device which consists of lever and pinion with a gear wheel. The Ratchet lever gives motion to the shaft and is transmitted to the gear wheel and which is finally delivered to the plate pack.

PANAMA ENGINEERING is the company which has more than 50 years of experience to manufacture Filter Press it at low cost. These are for starters where small quantity material is to be handled. The Low cost and high efficiency manual filters are available from (1 feet) 12” to (3 feet) 36” plate size.

Filter Press is a kind of machine, which performs filtaration and Separation during it's press operation. The operation of this filter is very simple. Panama filter press operates on Ratchet Mechanism and has Gears which are attached to Pinion. When the Ratchet lever is activated to the pinion shaft the force is transmitted through the pinion to the large gear wheel and lightens the plate pack.

This device can also be operated with Capstan Closing Device. PANAMA ENGINEERING recommends this device up to 600 mm square sized Filter Press where a screw with hand-wheel is used for the closing of filter pack. This tightens the filter pack for best operational output. These machines are an effective, inexpensive choice for handling smaller quantities of material.

It is composed of there main parts: frame, filter plate and pressing device. In operation the pressing device is screwed type closing device. The pressing devices includes handwheel, gear wheel and screw lead.

The unique features of PANAMA ENGINEERING “Low Operative Cost” Filters are :

  • Simple and Easy to operate by uneducated labor staff also.
  • No experience required
  • Easy Opening and Closing of Filter Press
  • Cake can be discharged easily
  • Low purchase cost
  • Good for beginners.
  • Closing Plates can be shifted easily and manually

Filter Press Manufacturer

Filter Press is our primary product. Its a pleasure to introduce ourselves as a Preferred Filter Press Manufacturer, Filter Press Supplier and a Leading exporter in India since long. As a leader in this field - it is affordable and easy to operate. Our consistent and customer oriented business approach has helped us to emerge as leading manufacturers.

Filter Press with the widest range and the best quality are available at PANAMA ENGINEERING COMPANY.

We manufacture manually operated filter press with Capstan Closing Device. A screw with hand-wheel is used for closing the pack of filter plates and for final tightening .