Filter Press Plates

Filter Press Plates

Our domain expertise allows us to design and offer an extensive range of Filter Press Plates Types. These plates are used for providing higher throughput, maximum assay sensitivity and detection flexibility. We offer these plates at the most affordable prices in the market. Our plates are mainly focused on Recessed Filter Plate, Chamber Filter Plate, Gasketed Filter Plate and Membrane Filter Plates.

Filter Press Plate Advantages

  • Less moisture in cake – The Filter Plates of our Filter Press manufactured by us are with special material and hence the cake     contains very less moisture compared to other manufacturer.
  • Lesser Cycle time – Because of the superior technology in our filter press plates the cycle time is reduced to an extend     enhancing the productivity.
  • Efficient washing – After each cycle this plates needs to be clean for better results. In our filter press the filter     press plates undergo the process this process resulting to Efficient Washing.
  • Low feed pressure – For each running cycle feed pressure is required. Our Plates are high in quality hence Low     Feed Pressure is required for operation.
  • Higher Filtration Capacity – Due to the latest advancement in the Filter Press Plates, our filter press plates have highest     filtration capacity.
  • Membrane Materials – Each filter press plate is manufactured with different Membrane Materials like EPDM, Nitrile, Viton, or     EPPP - Thermo plastic elastomers. We are in a position to supply each of the filter press plates as per the requirement.

Panama Engg. Filter Plates

  • Complete Range of Plate Style and Sizes
  • Buried or Dug-in Chamber Plate
  • Chamber Plates with or Without Gasket as per requirement
  • Membrane OR Squeeze plate
  • Frames and Plates available for up to 6 Kg/cm2 operations
  • 5 kg/Cm2 to 15 Kg/Cm2 operations
  • Center feed available
  • Corner feed available
  • Cake thickness can be adjusted up to 50 mm
  • Filter Plates available for any types of filter press

 Effective use and Best Advantage of “POLYPROPYLENE” Filter Parts

Enhanced Capacity Because Polypropylene is chemically resistant to most chemicals and high temperatures the capacity of the filter part is enhanced.
Less in Weight As Polypropylene is light in weight it shorten the process of filter press
Easy to clean Surface of the Polypropylene is a surface which absorbs less water which makes it easy to clean and saves time.
Excellent Sealing Polypropylene filter pack gives an excellent sealing to the machined surface.
Excellent Product Quality As the drainage is in the pipe it ensures excellent product quality
One piece Molding Polypropylene plate is a one piece moulding the chances or cracks, corrosion and leakage are ruled out.
As per your need we can supply Polypropylene plates with different combinations & Best Quality material Special Request Plates. 1. PPH-High molecular Polypropylene Homopolymer.
2. PPC-High molecular Polypropylene Copolymer
3. PVDF-Polyvinylidene fluoride
4. Can be offered with in filled material of glass fibers, mica etc.

  Plates Size Available

305mm X 305mm 460mm X 460mm 610mm X 610mm
760mm X 760mm 800mm X 800mm 915mm X 915mm
1000mm X 1000mm 1175mm X 1225mm 1200mm X 1200mm
1500mm X 1500mm 2000mm X 2000mm

 Other Design :

          Connection Plate

Connection Plates are used to connect the pipes fitted in the filter press to the filtration pack. In regular filter press it is directly bolted on the head of the press

          Adapter Plate

Adapter Plates are different than connection plates. The adapter plates are connected at the inlet or the outlet of the filter press to redirect the slurry gathered in the filter press.

          Blank Plate

Blank plates are used to reduce the total length of the plates in the pack. This plates are generally thick and functions as resistant to the operational force during the filtration process.