Filter Press Manufacturer

Filter Press

Filter Press works on the principle of pressure feeding for solid-liquid separation. The operation of filtration is very simple. We operates on Ratchet Mechanism and has Gears which are attached to Pinion. When the Ratchet lever is activated to the pinion shaft the force is transmitted through the pinion to the large gear wheel and lightens the plate pack. It is successfully used for every industrial filtration for last more than 50 years.

Filter Press Manufacturer


Filter Press Manufacturer

. And Also known as Plate-And-Frame Filter Press, That means the type of filters which were originally developed in the 19th century for clay. Most of the today's Filter Press are prominently known as "Chamber Filter Press" or "Membrane Filter Press" OR Membrane Plate Filter".

It works on the principle of pressure feeding for solid-liquid separation. It is successfully used for every industrial filtration for last more than 50 years.

The installation cost is less than the rotary drum filters, belt presses or the centrifuges. They are also easy to maintain, and operate then rotary drum filter, belt presses or centrifuges. They are less costly and have a longer life then rotary drum filter, belt press or centrifuge.

It is the Main Product of PANAMA ENGINEERING COMPANY. PANAMA ENGINEERING COMPANY is pleased to introduce themselves as the most Preferred

Filter Press Manufacturer

in India. PANAMA ENGINEERING COMPANY is also a one of the leading exporters of Filter Press from India. PANAMA ENGINEERING COMPANY has been manufacturing Filter Press for more than 50 years. We are manufacturing all types of Filter Press which are easy to use, cost effective and result oriented. We manufacture Membrane Filter Press, Automatic Filter Press and Hydraulic Filter Press.

What is Filtration?

The most common process or physical or mechanical operation used to separate Solids from (Liquids or Gases in some cases) is known as Filtration. For the filtration process the solids are mixed with a medium through which fixed size (also known as the pore size) of solid or liquid can pass through the filter and is separated easily. If it is oversized, it will remain in the filter. Filtration processes are the processes used for sewage treatment and water treatment in which some particles are removed by absorption. Today the complete filtration process can be controlled by Electronics. We can supply Filtration plans which can be semi-automatic or automatic.

Filter Press Principle

The pressure in the slurry which is feed by the centrifugal pump creates a pressure about 100 psi to 800 psi say (7 bar to 50 bar). The feed pump pressure makes the Filtering Process to occur easily. Solids inside the slurry will flow through gravity where the cake is developed with the lowest pressure and the filter cake is built over the side walls of the filter in a uniform manner. This cycle goes on until the filter cycle is forming filter cakes on the walls of the filter and the centre with the solids. At this point of time it is said that the filtration process is over.

Now the hydraulic closure of the press is pulled back - the filter cake is removed manually or automatically depending on the machine.