Application Area Of Filter Press

Application Area Of Filter Press

The Application area of filter press are many. To mention some of them are as follows:

Industrial Plants for Industries & MNCs :

  • Special Plant for Municipal Corporations
  • Special Plants for Taluka Cleaning Stations
  • Industrial Purification Plants for Petrochemicals
  • Acid Waste Neutralisation Plants
  • Chemical Waste Liquidification Plants
  • Soil Decontamination Plants
  • Tunnel Excavation Plants
  • Electro Plating Waste Material Plants
  • Special Waste incineration Plant
  • Effluent Water or Waste Water Plant
Food Stuff Industries :

  • Sugar Industry
  • All types of Cooking oils & fat industries
  • Beer industry
  • Wine manufacturing industry
  • Yeast manufacturing industry
  • Pectin manufacturing industry
Mining Industry :

  • Coal Mining Industries
  • Gravel Quarries
  • Ore Extraction industries
Bio-technology and Pharmaceutical industries :

  • Blood Plasma Industry
  • Agar-Agar
  • Algae
  • All types of intermediate Pharmaceutical Industry
Chemical Industries :

  • Dye manufacturing industry
  • Pigment manufacturing industry
  • Chemical manufacturing industry
  • All types of Intermediates manufacturing industry
  • Catalysts and by-products manufacturing industry
  • Silica Gel manufacturing industry
Chemical Industries :

  • Refinement of all types of Lead, Copper, ZincManganese, Nickel and all non-ferrous metals
  • Precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum etc
  • Liquid water Waste
  • Electro Plating Water Waste Plants