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Filter Press Accessories

PANAMA ENGINEERING uses a specific mark on each plate to identify the function. Different types of identification codes are used.

Coloured Cloth Pegs

  • Coloured Spigot tabs.
  • Coloured code used is as under.
  • 1. Red for Washed plates.
  • 2. Blue for Pressure plates.
  • 3. Black for End plates.
  • Identification numbers with bar coding on each plate.

To differentiate recessed chamber plate and a membrane plate both side of the plate have different colored code and make different pressure wash plates.

Filter Cloth

Filter Cloth is a very important media where the actual filtration takes place. Filter cloth is mounted on the drain surface of the Filter Plate. When the Slurry is fed inside the Filter plate chamber, the slurry gets filtered through the Filter Cloth. The filter cloths are available in different materials like Polypropylene, Teflon, Polyester, Cotton etc. The mesh size is different depending on the cloth material. The mesh size and the material for the filter cloth can be suggested after studying your need and the size of the minimum solid particle in the slurry.

PANAMA ENGINEERING prefers to have the slurry sample for study and suggestion of the filter cloth for the best results of your filter press.

Cake Collection Tray

The cake is collected and put systematically in the trays which are available with us. They are of different sizes with or without trolley wheel. The trays available with us are M.S., S.S., HDPE or PP - FRP.

Filtrate Collection Tray

Filtrate collection tray is used for the open delivery of the Filter press. The trays available with us are M.S., S.S., HDPE or PP - FRP. The length of the Filtrate collection tray depends as per the need of the client or according to the size of the Filter Press.

Drip Collection Tray Or Bomb Type Tray

Drip Collection tray is a Hydraulically operated tray for the collection of drip during the capillary action or the cake discharge.


Positive displacement pump or Centrifugal pump can be offered as per the requirement of the customer. PANAMA ENGINEERING also offers Conveyor Belt / Screw Conveyors for the cake transporting system.

Filter Press Accessories Manufacturer

Filter Press Accessories is our primary product. Its a pleasure to introduce ourselves as a Preferred Manufacturer, Supplier and a Leading exporter of Filter Press Accessories in India since long. As a leader in this field - our Filter Press Accessories are affordable and easy to operate. our consistent and customer oriented business approach has helped us to emerge as leading manufacturers of Filter Press Accessories. Filter Press Accessories with the widest range and the best quality are available at PANAMA ENGINEERING COMPANY.