Filter Press

Filter Press Manufacturer

PANAMA ENGINEERING - a pioneer in Filter Press Manufacturer and installing Machines and Frames has been in inception since 1945. Today, PANAMA ENGINEERING has grown from delivering goods to local cities to all over the globe.

PANAMA ENGINEERING understands the “Filter Press” process in depth. Be it any industry Chemical or Dyestuff, Food or Pharmaceutical, Corporation or Waste Water - we have the Filter Press process equipments. You desire and we deliver – is the thinking and action of PANAMA ENGINEERING.

With more than 50 years in the business of Filter Press we have the capacity to manufacture in-house or on site as per your equipment. Our Expert consultation services for your filter products are an added advantage which delivers what you want.

PANAMA ENGINEERING has grown to become a pioneer by understanding the customer’s need and to manufacture a product accordingly. From the day of inception we have offered the best solutions to the customers by taking care of their needs and increasing their profits more than expected.

PANAMA ENGINEERING has products to suit all your needs. The ideal use of innovation and technology can be experienced once you use our products. We have a wide range of products from Filter Press to automatic filter press with various types of Plates which can cut down the cost and time which ultimately results to the profit in the long term.

Filter Press Manufacturer:

  • Filter Press
  • Filter Plates
  • Membrane Filter Press
  • Chamber Filter Plate
  • ETP Machinery

PANAMA ENGINEERING is equipped with the latest technology manufacturing machines and best infrastructure. Established in the best area we are able to cater your need and reach you within the shortest down time. PANAMA ENGINEERING has a team of technocrats and experts in this field and working with us for more than 50 years. The skilled laborers and the educated professionals are all set to understand your needs and deliver to you more than your expectations. PANAMA ENGINEERING has its own Research and Development Department where continuous developments take place for the benefit of the customer.


  • Highly Experienced Professionals
  • Ideally located in Gujarat and well connected
  • Hi - tech Equipments and Technology
  • Research and Development team
  • Ever growing excellent service image
  • Low - Operative machines to High end Automatic Filter Press
  • User Friendly & Simple to use technology products

PANAMA'S Objective

PANAMA ENGINEERING has a clear objective - To Grow with customer satisfaction through innovation. PANAMA ENGINEERING believes in timely delivery and commissioning with customer focus as a priority. Our untiring 24 x 7 x 365 services has made us popular by our satisfied customers. PANAMA ENGINEERING has always grown year to year because our satisfied customers market our product and refers us to other customers. PANAMA ENGINEERING is the best Filter Press Manufacturer.